Empowering Your Organization to Handle Complaints Effectively 

ITP Sport offers comprehensive Safe Sport Complaint Management Education and Awareness programs designed to equip your staff, athletes, and volunteers with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively identify, report, and address complaints of misconduct, abuse, or harassment.

What We Offer:

  • Interactive Workshops: We deliver engaging and interactive workshops tailored to different audiences, including athletes, coaches, officials, and administrators.
  • Comprehensive Training: Our training covers key topics such as:
    • Identifying and understanding different forms of misconduct.
    • Recognizing the signs and symptoms of abuse and harassment.
    • Reporting procedures and available support resources.
    • Responsibilities of all stakeholders in upholding a safe sport environment.
  • Bystander Intervention Strategies: We equip participants with skills to intervene effectively in situations where they witness potential misconduct.
  • Customized Programs: We design programs to align with your organization’s specific policies, procedures, and reporting mechanisms.


  • Increased Awareness: Raise awareness about safe sport principles and encourage open communication regarding misconduct concerns.
  • Empowered Participants: Equip athletes, coaches, and staff with the knowledge and confidence to report concerns and create a culture of safety.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Promote the use of established reporting mechanisms and ensure timely complaint resolution.
  • Reduced Risk: Mitigate legal and reputational risks associated with mishandled complaints.

Who We Help:

Our Safe Sport Complaint Management Education and Awareness programs are ideal for:

  • National Sport Organizations (NSOs)
  • Provincial and Territorial Sport Organizations (PTSOs)
  • Local Sport Organizations (LSOs)
  • Clubs and Associations


Invest in a Culture of Safe Sport

Empower your organization to create a safe and inclusive environment for all participants. Partner with ITP Sport to deliver effective Safe Sport Complaint Management Education and Awareness programs and promote a culture where all voices are heard and concerns are addressed effectively.