Safe Sport Education and Awareness


At ITP we know the most effective way to educate on Safe Sport is from both a statistical and experience-based approach. Our method is just that. We combine the best of online, trackable training through our partners with our proprietary targeted (to each group) education and awareness seminars, workshops, webinars, and live in-person sessions.

Our Approach: 

  • We create customized education plans for all stakeholders including coaches, athletes, parents, and officials.
  • Live digital and in-person sessions available and large speaking engagements (AGM etc)
  • Key components include online training, targeted videos and educational webinars for each stakeholder group.
  • We develop annual palatable refreshers and education and awareness kick-offs essential to maintaining your programming and keeping culture alive.
  • We will develop all communication plans alongside you to ensure the education, knowledge, and adoption permeates through your entire organization through a positive approach to enrollment.



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