Safe sport educational and motivational speaking


We know one thing for certain, nothing leaves a lasting impact with an audience like hearing from an athlete who has lived and breathed the realities of high-level sport. With a tailored approach to Safe Sport awareness and mental health advocacy, our educational and motivational speaking services are one of our key differentiators for the real adoption of Safe Sport. 

Sample Key messages:* 

  • Mental health is AS important as physical health for athlete achievement and success.
  • A happy, safe athlete is a successful athlete.
  • Coaches matter. Their safety, their protection, their education. 
  • A protected athlete is a protected organization.
  • Take Safe Sport seriously because it does affect athletes and can affect you. 
  • All members of an organization must work together to create the culture they want. You are all responsible. You all play a part.

*Customized presentations for every audience.



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